Adam Kohl is an army veteran living in Fairbanks, Alaska.  He is passionate about video, photography, and producing a wonderfully creative product.  His studies at BYU - Idaho in Music has lent him a unique way of looking at video and film.  He has developed new and exciting ways to film and edit your special event.  He strives to innovate in this small city, never settling for mediocrity.  Adam will work hard to capture your unique, special day.


My Philosophy

My goal for your film is for you to not even notice them I am in the room.  I try to be more like a fly on the wall.  I do not want to get in the way and change the flow of your wedding day.  You have spent much time planning this day and I will not be there with large cameras and lighting gear to distract from the truly important aspect of the day.

My ultimate goal is to create a timeless wedding film for you to enjoy over and over again, and will hopefully create the same feelings that you felt, while showing your grandchildren.

My Equipment

There’s something about using quality equipment that helps get the job done easier and at a higher quality.  For cameras, I use all Professional Canon DSLRs, Lenses and Video Cameras.  For tripods, I only use Manfrotto.  Both of these companies are very high quality that have stood the test of time. For audio, I’ll have mics setup in many different places, as to make sure that it is captured properly and safely.